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Farm fresh produce straight to your door!

Produce Box

  • Thursday, October 20

    • Pumpkins Galore! A generous assortment, including: carving pumpkins (classic, ghost, and knucklehead varieties) and pie pumpkins (New England Pie and Rouge Vif D'etamps varieties).
    • Peppers - mostly spicy, including thai, jalapeno, serrano, and Hungarian wax peppers. Maybe some sweet peppers too.
    • Sweet Italian Basil
    • Parsley, Sage and Rosemary (no thyme)
    • Hard Neck Garlic (bulbs)
    • Scallions - plump and juicy
    • Cucumber medley, including both slicing and pickling cukes
    • A taste of Tomatoes
    • Eggplant of various colors
    • Sorrell
    • Plums - Italian prune variety
    • The last of the Summer Squash, including some combo of Zucchini, yellow long-neck, pattypan, and Costata romanesco squash
    • Winter Squash - petite Butternut and Hubbard varieties
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