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Muddy Springs Farm Idaho Eggs

Muddy Springs Farm

Seasonal               Local               Sustainable

-  EGGS  -

Eggs are available as a separate item year-round via the secure purchase page on our website. Unlike our produce boxes, egg inventory is updated every several days, with orders accepted at any time. We typically deliver eggs within one or two days of your order. 


Our flock includes about 40 laying hens, plus several friendly roosters to help watch over them and provide fertilized eggs for hatching out new chicks. We began raising the flock from original stock of various heritage breeds (Black Australorp, Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbar, Golden Buff, Plymouth Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Salmon Favorelles, Welsummer) selected for a combination of genetic hardiness, productivity, and variation in egg color. Our eggs come in various ungraded sizes and colors, ranging from dark chocolate, brown, and tan to cream, olive, and blue.

Our chickens are truly free range on open pasture during the day throughout the year, and are only cooped up at night for protection from predators. We find that the egg quality of our chickens is noticeably superior to factory raised eggs, with firm bright yellow yolks and a greater depth of flavor, due to their physical vigor and constant access to wild forage such as weeds, seeds, insects, and worms. We provide non-GMO supplemental feed grown by a local farmer. We do not use any medicated feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones.


In contrast to the short and brutish life experienced by factory raised layers, our chickens are an integral part of the farm, providing insect control, fertilizer for our compost piles, and hours of entertainment. We are also proud that our older hens and excess roosters are humanely culled by hand to make room for new arrivals, moving into our chest freezer to eventually become food for our family's table. We care for them with respect in return for their services.

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