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Muddy Springs Farm CSA Moscow Idaho Honey

Muddy Springs Farm

Seasonal               Local               Sustainable

-  HONEY  -

After several years of experimenting with beekeeping, we are now producing wildflower honey for members to purchase at $8 per pound, equivalent to a standard sized honey jar. Based on the popularity of our initial trials (2016 honey sold out quickly) we've expanded the number of colonies this spring and plan to offer more honey as a seasonal item in the summer of 2017. We've found that the flavor and aroma can change considerably from year to year. Each batch is different, depending on variation in the weather and availability of wildflower nectar. 

Our honey has only been minimally strained to remove larger particles of wax, and has not been processed by filtration, heating, or pasteurization. As a consequence, it readily crystallizes and contains some air bubbles. Gentle heating in a warm water bath (never in the microwave or with direct heat) will clarify the crystals and allow most of the bubbles to dissipate. If properly warmed, the honey will remain liquid and clear for some time, without adversely affecting the natural flavor. 

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